What are the best musical styles for your performance in the exercise?

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If you are one of the people who listen to music when you exercise, this post interests you. A new study has discovered that the type of music you listen to when you exercise, definitely affects your physical performance in several ways.

An investigation done in Australia, led by Leanne Hall (She is a fitness trainer and also a psychologist) revealed that the music you hear directly influences your performance when you run or play sports.

«It’s interesting to see the effect that musical styles have when we play sports,» said Leanne Hall. «But everything depends on the tastes of each person. Actually the important thing is the feelings that are generated«.

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The study has determined that the best musical genres to train are pop, heavy metal and rock. The less recommended musical genres for fitness are reggae, classical music and opera. The study also says that the rhythm of the musical genre that you listen to has great importance when you are running. The musical pace also improves your mood and that affects your performance.

For example. If you run when you listen to classical music, you may feel more relaxed and easy, but it will slow you down. But if you do it with faster music you will feel less tired because your brain will be more active.

The study concluded that the rhythm of the music you listen to influences your performance dramatically. Because it’s able to increase your athletic strength by up to 15%. The ideal is that you build your own playlist to train, with dynamic songs that bring you good memories and raise your mood.

This will motivate you to continue because your brain associates the state of mind with the satisfaction of exercising.

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